Why I Switched to iPhone

Why I Switched to iPhone
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Why I Switched to iPhone
I’ve been an Android user for 10 years – until now. What led me to switch? There are a few key reasons.

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0:00 Introduction
1:13 Why I Had an Android
2:36 Making the Switch
3:19 Messaging Issues
4:18 What I Like More About iPhone
5:34 iPhone 14 Pro Features I’m Excited About
6:43 The Apple Ecosystem
7:42 Shaking the Guilt


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  1. Thanks so much for watching! A lot of people in the comments have mentioned the iMessage issue is an "American" problem, since most people outside the US use WhatsApp. I used WhatsApp a lot to communicate with friends, but it's not as common here, so being able to use iMessage has been a lot more seamless.

    Also, a lot of you are calling my friends bullies, but looking at some of these comments, feels like the pot calling the kettle black! Haha

  2. None of any of these points were an issue when I had an Android phone. I use WhatsApp on both Android and iOS, no compatibility issues there.

    The only reason I changed for an iPhone was the mini series. I don’t like carrying a brick in my pocket and Android phones are huge nowadays. I need a phone, if I wanted a tablet, I would just buy one 🤦🏻‍♂️

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