Why Modern Gaming is Dying

Why Modern Gaming is Dying
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Why Modern Gaming is Dying
Modern video games are falling in quality, why? Let’s talk.

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  1. Gaming addiction is normalized and people are even “proud” of being a hardcore gamer.

    These companies KNOW about this addiction and they’re just giving people doses of that low quality Meth being craved by the masses.

    Even those aren’t currently addicted are lured in because everyone is using it and companies are starting to give it away for “FREE” anyway!
    (Just to jump-start that addiction)

    It’s our fault for continuing to support these practices but at the same time, we can’t fight it or win.

    The human brain loves to get addicted to things.

    Companies love money.

  2. Man how can you summarize the rise of lootboxes without mentioning Overwatch and Hearthstone? Yeah card games and gacha games have always existed but it was Hearthstone that first made things like "pack opening " videos and streams really really popular and later on Overwatch made the already existing concept of the loot box really really popular. I am not saying they invented the concept or anything but those were the games that showed the industry that you can earn a fuckload of money by using these tactis and really were the start of this appearing ine EVRYTHING that was released. Microtransactions were slowly introduced a bit earlier and was basically adapted from the free to play games and pushed into full price titles. Of course free tto play had their own innoavtion in "game accelerating" purcahses and convuluted price/currency obfuscation that AAA games later on adapted fo their titles as well.

    And I want to say in regards to Witcher 3 there was also some smaller stuff that was intended to boost sales wich …. I cant really critique because it was free… but still I felt like was a least slightly baiting People. Back when Wicther 3 release CDPR made a big deal out of it being a complete game without MTX and said that they were going to release I think it was 15 free DLCs for the game. Now sure everybody with a brain was probably aware that this would be small stuff (obviously) but some of the "free DLC" was like … really small stuff. Stuff that typically just gets patched in. Again I cant say I am too negative with that since it was ultimately all free stuff but I still can not say the marketing drumming around all that was completely fine with me either.

  3. Expanding on the “breathing wallet” comment, it really doesn’t help when massive groups of people forget that these companies have real people with human emotions, and just start hurling abuse at them to make games faster… Seriously the amount of people that beg for a new GTA title when one was never even promised and only confirmed mid last year is so fucking disgusting. Is it any wonder why Rockstar seems to cold to try to talk to??? It’s because its hard to see the people buying the games as real humans anymore, especially cause they don’t fucking act like it. In the end it just makes the problems worse, because it creates a feedback loop until you have companies that see people as an obstacle to getting money, and “fans” who get angry and start rioting against the companies and everything they do. Even affecting when games release, like CyberPunk getting released far too soon because of all the entitled pricks who pressured it out of them, convincing the company it was a good idea.

  4. Oh my fucking God not another "abloo bloo bloo it's politics and greed hmph" fucking shallow-ass manchild way of viewing shit. Your whole video is basically "modern gaming is dying because it made a formulaic business practice of something I don't enjoy, and therefore it's your fault". No one actually cares about you and your ilk's preference because you're all an insignificant part of a consumer base that can't fucking wrap their head around why industries with considerably huge market work on the basis of garnering more profit and not because whether you fucking self-entitled manchildren would like if it was built to your preferences. Granted, modern gaming is "shit": uninspired, repetitive, not "made with love" because current economic system encourages it to be such. Either accept it as it is or change the system, but then again your political stance after all is "apolitical" and would rather post pathetic videos like this and crywank about it.

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