Xbox Game Pass Must Change

Xbox Game Pass Must Change

Xbox Game Pass Must Change

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Xbox Game Pass Must Change
At this point I think it is clear that Xbox Game Pass must change. Recent documents from the Xbox Activision deal have revealed that Game Pass has decreased game sales and Microsoft has officially responded. Many seeing Xbox Game Pass losing money in the press is worrisome about the future.

With a continued push to have more Game Pass games launching day and date many are looking for the Xbox Game Pass best games to play. With the Starfield release date still unknown many are curious if the Xbox Series X and platform is even worth engaging with anymore.

Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass are video game subscription services from Microsoft. Both services grant users access to a rotating catalog of games from a range of publishers and other premium services, including Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, for a single monthly subscription price.

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  1. I’ve always held the opinion that you can’t rely on selling product via a service/subscription method like this in the digital realm and expect to be substantially profitable. Netflix is the best example; every other service also shows how flawed the system is: people take advantage of the cheap binging route. You really do need a way to incentivize continued subscription, or prioritize some other method of monetary gain. The idea you laid out with early access seems genius to me; it just depends on the fine details and execution of it to know if it’s good in practice and not just on paper.

    Great show, as always. This was a particularly good route to go for more negative Xbox news. It seemed to really keep the conversation going in an interest direction instead of falling into the same silly arguments from the same people that it sometimes can when covering Microsoft’s losses.

  2. Another fact that many who are in the Xbox ecosystem don't won't to face, Msoft isn't an actual gaming company. They suck at everything gaming. Their multiplayer games are the least successful in gaming. The 2 weeks early thing would never work for any MP games cause they need the most players on the game day 1. Msoft can't even compete with Factions or Gran Turismo in online player numbers.

  3. I personally can't stand Gamepass for the simple reason that it overwhelms me with too much choice, leading me to get burnt out on gaming. I much prefer buying my games as it gives me an incentive to finish a game and appreciate it more, that's why I play mostly on PlayStation….I can't buy a game on Xbox knowing its on Gamepass because that just doesn't make financial sense. Now when it comes to my kids I think Gamepass is perfect.

  4. I assume you know this already, Lono, but in your video you almost talk like Xbox doesn’t currently give discounts to people who want to buy the games on Game Pass. They’ve been doing that for as long as I’ve been on Game Pass. So long as it’s on the service, you get a small percentage taken off if you want to outright purchase it.

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